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Obsession, Boredom, Life

Lizy Townshend
28 days later, aloysius, aqualung, arvel ap brynn, atheism, baking, bandes dessinées, benediction of the gods, berets, bill bailey, bloc party, books, brideshead revisited, camarilla, carnivale, char siu bao, charles darwin, charlotte ml greenway, china mieville, coffee, cooking, crafts, creationism, creative writing, darwinism, debating, diana wynne-jones, elizabeth bathory, english, erica sakurazawa, evelyn waugh, fanfic, figwit, firefly, flight of the conchords, fountain pens, franz ferdinand, french, gamessoc, garth nix, genmaicha, good omens, green, hamlet, happy mania, harry and the potters, harry potter, hating literary theory, hats, heston blumenthal, hiragana, his dark materials, house m.d., hugh fearnley-whittingstall, humanism, ib, international baccalaureate, japanese, japanese food, japanese street-fashion, jeanne tuille, john donne, john wilmot, johnny depp, julian of norwich, kanji, katakana, knitting, kurosagi corpse delivery service, larp, latin, life on mars, lily allen, linguistics, lord of the rings, lotr, lou reed, lrp, maedhros, maelstrom, mage: the awakening, matt ridley, medicine, miyazaki hayao, monkeys, mononoke-hime, mr. wheat, murakami haruki, my characters, neil gaiman, nigella lawson, not doing work, obscure verses, odyssey lrp, paradise kiss, phillip pullman, piano, pirates, profound decisions, psp, psychology, pyrate, radio 4, reading, requiem for rome, richard dawkins, roleplaying, rome, rpgs, rule7, sabriel, sebastian flyte, serenity, serenity lrp, sergeant aiofe mcavera, shades of norwich, shakespeare, silmarillion, sindarin, singing, sirius/remus, six feet under, stephen pinker, talisker, the 45s, the decemberists, the eliot tree, the flaming lips, the gossip, the it crowd, tim burton, toby litt, tolkien, uea, unplugged rpg, vampire: the requiem, white stripes, wikipedia, withnail & i, world of darkness, writing, yazawa ai, ynez di caricomare, yoshimoto banana, yukata, 日本語


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