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17th-Sep-2010 03:45 pm - Friends-locking
I am now flocking this journal due to course advice. If you wish to friend me, comment to be added. :)
21st-Jul-2010 11:53 am - Eight twenty three am yesterday: RTC
We are in Jon's car. I am sewing kit for Strom - a new apron. We are in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside, about twenty minutes from work - half way through our journey.

Jon is a really careful driver. He notices hazards on the road so much that until this point, I have found it annoying. We joked about it with his sister in law last weekend. When he is particularly worried that a hazard will develop, he covers the horn with his hand so he can sound a warning.

I see him cover the horn, so I look up.

We are in the right hand lane of an A road travelling at about sixty miles an hour or slightly less. Directly in front of us, at right angles to the road and to our car, is a white Ford Fiesta. The car has come from a side road and headed straight across the traffic. We are only a few feet away when I see this.

It seems we travelled a good car and a half's length after impact, shunting the other car along by its driver's side. The glass from its windscreen flew over our heads but thankfully Jon's window remained intact, though the airbags did not inflate. The bonnet slowly folded inwards like a fan in front of us.

Jon was alive, and OK. I was alive, and OK. The driver and passenger of the other car (both young guys) were OK. A witness parked on the other side of the road, crossed to us, and called 999. We were all still counting our bones at that point. Jon got out of the car. I was very calm, and, noting the hyperventilating and the woozy head, shaking all over, said 'I'm going into shock now. That's normal, but I'll stay in my seat for now.'

Some PCSOs who were passing on the way to training stopped. 'It's just money,' one of them said to the other boy, 'At least you're alive.'

The paramedics came. It was one of their birthday. We sat in the ambulance for a long time. Jon pulled a muscle in his shoulder. My necklace smashed on my chest and it is bruised. They told us we would feel tender and achey and nauseous for a few days. They were right.

The boy looked mortified. He apologised to us over and over. He said it was his fault. I think he said that to the police too. His statement said he hadn't seen the give way signs.

We picked through the jumble of the car to get just the bits of kit we will most need for the weekend, and the documents for the car, and the little K9 air freshener that is the sentimental meaning of the car. We have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours together in that car. Just driving with Jon was a pleasure and a comfort. Some of our best talking was done there. We left it for the recovery man to tow away.

It was 11am when the police dropped us at Didcot station. We got the train to Reading, where my Dad took one look at us and took over, ringing the insurance and arranging a courtesy car for today. We were extremely dazed, but alive. Jon keeps going over what he could have done (nothing more) and what he has to do (wait for the insurance) and I keep forgetting things. We are both rather clingy.

Everyone has been so supportive and wonderful: thank you.
26th-May-2010 10:36 pm - Oxford Drinks
Please join me for celebrations of my new doctor training in the Madding Crowd, Oxford, from 6pm tomorrow (Thursday). I'd love to see you.
26th-May-2010 05:04 pm - Medical School
Splodey Py
I got in to Nottingham.

I start in September.

Now begins the fear.
20th-Apr-2010 05:14 pm - Medical School
I have been placed on the waiting list for Nottingham. This is not 'getting in', this is not 'getting rejected'. This is 'limbo'.

I still haven't heard from Swansea.

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13th-Mar-2010 05:21 pm - Catharsis
Had a really good weekend. On a last minute whim, since a) my relationship ended and b) I wanted to go to the pub with someone and c) it was quicker to go to Birmingham than go home, I hopped on the train after work and went up to visit jitson.

We sank a bottle of port together; I introduced him to siu mai dumplings and Indian sweets (oh god orgasmic rasmalai); I gave him sartorial advice, and he gave me social advice and we discussed LARP theory and LARP politics and Religion and Politics and Literature and Science.

I have not had such a cathartic time out-of-character for a little bit. I needed it.

Silly boy's doing a half-marathon tomorrow.

We also went shopping for firepits and lamps for Maelstrom so we should have the most fundamental of needs covered, what with that and the stoo. I'm both nervous and excited about this event, it's a disgusting amount of organisation, but hopefully it will pay off with some rewarding roleplay.
23rd-Feb-2010 12:18 pm - Serenidad
So Serenity LRP was this gone weekend. Bit of a surprise, really: I've been mooky crew for the last four years, and on the way up to help with pre-event set up (I thought putting player packs together) I was first asked to rules-ref the science plot, and then to write entirely new plots for one group on the spur of the moment. Chaps, let me beg you: yes, it's cool to have fleshed-out character and group backgrounds, but please, 23 pages for 10 guys is WAY TOO MANY. Concision and succinctness are virtues. I am such a fan of the 100 word statting 'system' we unvented for Martell - and not just because I am a lazy bugger (though for sure I am).

The event went as well as it could given the fact we had six inches of snow on Saturday night and I had some kind of horrendous mouth rash of extreme pain and caffeine-imbibition-prevention. Newsflash: Lizy cannot run without caffeine.

Still, the plot that I wrote (in a pair with a[nother] newb ref, Delwyn) went off, or at least, one of them did pitch-perfect, one went mostly-okay and the other turned into a slowburner. Because of the EXTREME BUSY, I only got to take one NPC out, but she was someone-else's-plot integral and funtimes. Hilariously it was written by a lecturer (and not-quite-nepotist <3) at my first choice uni, and thus I got to be a surgeon for the weekend - there's some cool pictures of me assisting with in-character renal surgery that I really need to make sure don't get seen and unfortunately misinterpreted by any applications people. XD

Really chuffed that I've got a couple new chaps recruited for Tuillé Traders at the first event this year - the aforementioned Delwyn and also a_place_to_fall, who introduced me to RP but is new to LRP.

#Classified, the current Oxford society game, remains intense and awesome on a weekly basis, but getting there is becoming increasingly tricky. This may prove awkward now I've been asked onto the GM team for the next game, Disjunction. I'm still taking driving lessons every week, but my instructor says I'm at least a couple of months away from test-taking, and Dad is too busy to take me out for separate practise - also I'm not confident with him since I went over a big roundabout a few months back, the only time he's taken me out. I really should take jitson up on his offer to supervise me again, since the driving we did waaaay back (oh man, that was the day we booked Martell) was really helpful. I don't feel like I've hardly progressed since, though. Gah.

The job hunt has stepped up apace recently - been applying for a bucketload of temp work and things. Frankly I need to get out of the house for a reason that isn't LRP. I have also been exploring the non-parental cohabitation options, but things are looking a little grim on that front. It is currently a choice between returning to Norwich or some equally far-away place, or staying where I am, and frankly that is looking... uncomfortable. I'm a bit stuck.
4th-Feb-2010 03:11 pm - Bad luck
So, news on UCAS:

Interview at Swansea tomorrow afternoon.
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